Google Chrome 4 Beta is available for Windows

google chrome 4 beta

Google has recently released a Google Chrome 4 beta of its browser that is gradually becoming increasingly popular, especially among users of various Google services, including one of the most recent called Google Wave.

Google Chrome Beta 4 has some substantial changes to the previous version Chrome 3, such as the use synchronization of bookmarks. Called “My Bookmarks Sync”, the tool is useful for those who want to keep the favorites in more than one PC. The synchronization feature is on the Tools menu of the browser and is called Synchronize My Bookmarks.

By clicking on it, the browser opens a window to the Internet user to enter User name and password from Google. With that done the synchronization is initiated. To access the bookmarks on another PC, just do the same thing.

Google engineers have also developed two new features for the Chrome 4. The first is the Web Works. With this feature, the browser does not crash when processing heavy code or scripts. The second is the local Storage. Thanks to this technology, the Internet user has the ability to access web services even with the computer disconnected from the Internet.

The browser brings improvements in the JavaScript engine and the source code. So, it is faster to process pages and scripts of the Internet as well as compatibility with the HTML 5 standards. One important detail: Google Chrome is a version still in development. Therefore, the Internet user to use the software can, in certain moments, will find bugs in the browser.

Via: Coated