Thundercats Xbox 360 Paintjob is Amazing

thundercats xbox 360 mod

Thundercats and Xbox 360 fans can now unite with this amazing looking Xbox 360 paintjob that leaves the shell looking beautifully classic and resurrects old memories of childhood geekery.

The old Thundercats TV show created many fans still who still cherish the animation today, with the characters and story being hailed as one the greatest cartoon shows ever and many cannot deny its coolness.

the thundercats xbox 360

Well, there isn’t anything new released from the Thundercats, besides a rumor of a Thundercats movie…but then again, that rumor has been for some time, and I will only believe it when I see it. Until then, fans can get a little kick with this new Xbox 360 shell mod that is airbrushed beautifully and shows the characters combined with something new of today.

thundercats tv show xbox 360

With all sides sporting different parts of the Thundercats series, this could truly be a way to gather the Thundercats geeks into starting to play the Xbox 360. Now if only the Thundercats video game will be resurrected as well and hit the Xbox 360 console.

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thundercats xbox 360 shell

Via: XboxFreedom