Lego NES Tetris: Kicking It Old School

lego tetris monitor

The worlds largest Lego Community, MOCpages, held an event recently by the name MOCOlympics in which participants were to submit one model made out of Lego bricks, subject being their own. This is what Dave Sterling’s hands crafted out for that event: an old school Nintendo Entertainment System replica along with Tetris. And crafted it well, might I add.

The model came complete with two game controllers, one Tetris game cartridge and Dave was kind enough to hook the replica up to a Lego TV too.

lego nes art creation

The level of detail on his replica propelled Dave Sterling to the Semi-finals. The replica is almost precisely like the original, it even has all connection points and the controller hook AND the cartridge tray as the original. To load a cartridge into the replica, Dave installed a spring loaded push button which releases the clasp for a proper loading tray. So just push the button which pops the tray, push in the cartridge and push the loading tray down till it locks!

lego tetris nes cartridge

The whole replica looks absolutely gorgeous and brings back fond memories of seeing grainy pixels jump about on the screen. If only we could power this replica and play some Tertis like back in the days.

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lego nes tetris mod

Via: MOCpages