Portable Gamecube Mod

nintendo gamecube portable mod

Ever been sitting at home, completely engrossed in a game, just about to beat the boss of a level but then stuff needs doing so you have to get up and get going? Well, why should your gaming not do the same? I suppose this is what Hailraiser thought when he made the portable Gamecube mod.

This realization of one gamers dream was made out of an assortment of products. The body, for example, was made from Frankenmoded Datamax Kid’s Delight game and though the creator did use Bondo, a crafting putty, to alter the looks he managed to do so well and gave the device a rather clean and well finished look.

The other bits and pieces that went into this creation would be a Zenith PS 1 LCD screen, 15v Lithium polymer batteries that give this device a 3 hour game time, an assortment of controllers which include Gamecube, Mini Gamecube, Wii Classic 3rd Party, Dreamcast Quantam Fighterpad.

Hailraiser had to overcome certain hurdles ,like the disk drive placement. Creating a loading tray would require tools that might have been out of reach for him, so he did the next best thing. Have an exposed disk drive! The disc is just set on the drive externally and you are good to go!

The device even has a memory card slot, so game on your conventional TV Gamecube, take out memory card when you are on the go and use it with the Portable Gamecube! Seamless gaming!

gamecube portable mod

A gamers love for his games never ends, so why should his gaming?

For other amazing Nintendo portable, check out the N64 Portable, the NES Cartridge Portable and the official NES Handheld.

Via : Hackaday


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