Steve Jobs Bowling Pin Art is Just Asking to Be Knocked Down

steve jobs bowling pin art

Any Geek knows who Steve Jobs is and the reputation that he carries with pride through the Apple offices and exhibitions, so here is a new portrayal of the Apple CEO as a Bowling Pin which is just asking to be knocked down by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

steve jobs bowling art

I must admit that this artwork by Dax Norman must be the geekiest bowling pin anyone has ever seen, for it presents one of the top Geeks, Steve Jobs. It sports the famous Steve Jobs turtleneck along with his regular jeans and glasses. Furthermore, the Apple logo was added to his clothing, so no one would mistake him for anyone else.

steve jobs art bowling pin

Still, Apple fans would probably hail this as the cutest and most innovative bowling pin ever and would probably be the next best thing after the Plush Doll made to look like him and the cute papercraft leaving him square. Better yet, it may also be considered as some amazing Steve Jobs artwork that the CEO of Apple himself would love to have above his fireplace.

steve jobs bowling pin

In the end though, it is a bowling pin that can be easily knocked over…something the real Steve Jobs is not going to agree with.