Death Star Wedding Cake is Pulling Me In

star wars death star cake

There have been a share of different Star Wars wedding cakes, and here is a cool Death Star recreation that is too strong to resist, as I feel I am being pulled in by its force.

I am wondering how many geeks were present in Fort Cloudy’s Wedding involving the Death Star Wedding cake; if there were many, they would not be able to keep their eyes (and hands) off of this cake, and if there were none…they wouldn’t understand its meaning. It was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes in WA, and it a great cake in a a Geek’s resume.

It is certain though that this cake is a wonderful tribute to the Star Wars movies, along with the Tauntaun Wedding Cake, the various Boba Fett Cakes, and the awesome Yoda Birthday cake which we have seen before.

I for one love this sweet remake, and I must congratulate the couple both on their Wedding and also on the creativity and initiative to include such a wonder in the most important day of their lives.

Thanks FortWorthy for the images and info!

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