Milky Way Clock Is Truely A Stellar Make

milky way clock
Gone are the days when clocks and time pieces were mere objects that served the purpose of displaying time, as Henrik Amberla proves just this point with his new project aptly titled Milky Way Clock.

This masterpiece is anything but an ordinary clock. Built with looks that would distract people from the time and rather make them follow the smooth curves on this clock, this time piece remains true to its name The Milky Way Clock.

The minimalistic and utilitarian designs that is mastered and people world love, is prominent in this clock. The white color would signify the “Milky” and the manner in which the form of the clock elegantly twines about would be the reason why the creator has linked this piece of art to the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Milky Way

Henrik has described the shape as one that depicts the duality and unity of the sleep/wake cycle, with the clock having three faces. Each face is lit using OLED’s (probably).

An alarm is put into snooze mode by turning the clock over and another turn would allow the user to set the alarm and time. This is probably done using gyroscopes as in iPhones and iTouches and numerous other devices.

The Milky Way

Step aside boring old clocks because works of art like the Milky Way Clock are storming in and making a place in our heart and bed side table

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Henrik Amberla Via: TechChee