Adam Voorhes Exploded Photography Is Mind-Numbing

Frog Exploded Photography

It takes guts to cock a snook at convention and this is precisely what Adam Voorhes has exhibited through his radical, sometimes gross ‘dissection’ photography. Seems like the bloke here has a lot of time on his hands, which best explains the effort behind pulling out every organ in a frog’s body and capturing it on camera. There are other aesthetic photos too, like the dismantled pistol, the broken down ‘Etch a Sketch’ device and the anatomical view of Grandma’s telephone. The photography will be discussed later, but one marvels at the thought process behind each of these ‘works of fine art’. Imagine, carefully rearranging every element of an old telephone in the same order as they were pulled out. Truly mind-numbing!

Etch A Sketch Exploded Photography

Telephone Exploded Photography
The photography now…when the hard part is taken care of, the click is just too simple ain’t it? Well, we wouldn’t say so. Capturing micro-second action is always a skill and that’s what the photographer here has showed his dexterity in – ‘exploding’ the Etch a Sketch device and freezing the ‘spray’ quite immaculately. This is amazing stuff, really!

Pistol Exploded Photography

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