Pacman “Blinky” Mosaic Created with Technic Axles Looks Awesome

Pacman Blinky mosaic

For gamers Pacman is a retro game but it never really stops inspiring young and old geeks even now,and here Pacman seems to have inspired Arpy to create this awesome Mosaic using Technic Axles and who is that? It is actually the red ghost ‘Blinky’ and not the hero Pacman. Lego Technic Axles and Pins are great creative tools to experiment with and one need not always need Lego blocks/bricks to recreate.

This Blinky Mosaic almost looks like graffiti on a wall; even the color combination and expression is perfectly recreated. It needs immense patience and creativity to bring to life characters through craft and art. It no longer comes as a surprise that instead of traditional motifs, patterns and designs inspired by flora and fauna of natural world, virtual geek motifs, symbols, logos and characters are inspiring a new wave of creativity. It is a refreshing change, isn’t it? One must change with times and express what rules our consciousness and no doubt virtual world is dominating our minds and souls. These retro game designs do bring a sense of nostalgia for most geeks.

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via Brothers-Brick