Pacman Wedding Cake Design

pacman wedding cake

With changing times, wedding cakes, favors and gifts are also going through great changes to accommodate newer designs, and Wedding cake designs these days are based on different themes, which the wedding couple can identify with. One such popular theme used in wedding cakes is the game theme, especially that of retro video games. A recent addition in the game based groom cakes is that of the Pacman cake, which is based on the classic Arcade game Pacman.

This beautifully designed cake has a topper made of super sculpey and could be treasured as a wedding memento. However, you need not fret and fume as you can savor the rest of the cake.

Small details such that the taste of the ghosts on the side of the cake are taken care of. These ghosts are made using gum paste, which enhance the flavor of the cake. The advantage of this cake is that it can be baked in advance while the icing can be left until the last minute. Cool to say the least, isn’t it?

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Via: Geeky Gadgets