Homemade District 9 Arc Gun is not for Humans

cool district 9 arc gun propr

Fans of the District 9 movie will just love this homemade version of the Arc Gun that we seen Wikus Van De Merwe used in the amazing film. It is detailed, colored accordingly, and as we see in the demo image…looks just right.

cool district 9 gun prop

It is created by Fritz the Great from hard wood, sheet metal, heat molded plastic of various found objects, and the end result is supposedly rather heavy, which is how it should be for such an extraordinary movie prop. 

district 9 arc gun prop

While when I was a child, we played band and robbers with plastic guns, today’s games have evolved and the person who will use the District 9 Arc Gun will definitely be the winner for the day.

district 9 gun prop

I must admit that this homemade Arc Gun is a wonderful creation and the attention to detail should be applauded. Great job Fritz, for the initiative and implementation.

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Thanks Itamar for the amazing find!

district 9 arc gun

FritzTheGreat Via: GadgetHim