Ms Pacman Music Video Will Hold a Little Spot in Your Heart

From the time of the unauthorized release of the Pacman game in 1981, Ms Pacman has a little spot in every geeks’ heart, and so as will be with this video of Ms Pacman being chased by the three ghosts.

ms pacman 1

The video was made by director Doug Schachtel for the British band ‘The go! team’, for the track ‘Junior Kickstart’. The Go! team consists of Jamie Bell on bass, Chi Fukami Taylor on drums, Sam Dook on the guitar,banjo and drums, Ninja on vocals, Kaori Tsuchida on drums,guitar,keyboard and the melodica and the lead songwright Ian Parton. Go! team’s first release was 2000’s ‘Get it Together’, primarily a solo effort by Parton. By 2003 the group had been put together, and signed to Memphis industries, and saw the release of this single ‘kickstart’ .

ms pacman 2

The video features Ms Pacman running away from the ghosts, who in the game could kill you. The video takes us through some stunning spots in New York City, and is a visual homage to movies of the 70’s such as ‘Built’ or ”The French Connection’. It therefore has the typical scenes of the crowded roads, where Ms Pacman tries to disappear/hide(if that’s actually possible), the narrow alleyways and the traffic signals.

mspacman 3

Stephen Knuesel, the director of photography has more pictures of this video.

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