Bacteria’s Latest IntoDream Portable SEGA DreamCast

sega dreamcast portable modification

After 4 months of research, a SEGA fan Modder Bacteria finally turned an almost dead Sega DreamCast into a portable console, dubbed IntoDream. Unlike any other portable SEGA DreamCast, the IntoDream has an integrated Virtual Memory Unit or VMU and works similar to any other DreamCast.

The device is equipped with non-SEGA components including a Sony PSone LCD screen of 5 inches, an N64 superpad analogue joystick, built-in rumble motors and stereo speakers. A six amps battery powers the IntoDream portable SEGA DreamCast. The battery provides about 2 ¼ hours of uninterrupted playtime, which isn’t too bad.

portable sega dreamcast mod

The device is very easy to use and the comfortable in your hands too. Moreover, the device gives a good vibration effect due to the built-in rumble features, which makes it just perfect for games like Quake 3. Also, the Superpad joystick of the device is far better than the ones used in any other DreamCast, which is again a great feature.

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Via: [Gadget Venue]