Touchtable May Be The Best Portable Music Mixing and Listening Device Concept


Shakespeare once said, “If music be the food of love, play on” and this is exactly what the makers of the Touchtable have done. One of the most intuitive and interactive portable media players concepts and designs out today. The Touchtable, deigned by Thomas Mascall, can be controlled completely by the user by way of a large controller wheel, which can be used to modify pitch, timing and position of a track.

touchtable portable dj

Mixing music has never been easier than with the Touchtable, which ensures that you can switch to the secondary track in order to mix or create samples over a track. This has a cue output that allows you to conduct each of the two tracks to either side of the headphone, match the pitch and beat, and then produce a mix of the two. This is one of the best portable equipment that has the facility to connect two devices wirelessly so as to create DJ equipment.

touchtable mobile dj table

The best part of this device is that it allows multiple users to mix tracks by combining their own Touchtable. The Touchtable, when connected to the computer, allows you complete freedom and creativity to create your own music. The Touchtable allows you to do all the things you could do with a traditional DJ setup, albeit in a portable setup and at a much lower cost. Using the Touchtable to mix music is both easy as well as a wondrous experience for music lovers. So, try it for yourself today!

touchtable dj table mobile

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mobile dj table touchtable

Via: Yanko Design