8 Bit Michael Jackson Thriller: an Outstanding Creation by Saitone

8-bit version of Thriller(3)

Even after his long demise, how can we forget the biggest icon of the 80’s and his legendary album of the 80’s – Michael Jackson Thriller. Yes, he’s no other than the world’s favorite King of Pop. The 8-bit version of Thriller is just a tribute to this legendary pop king, who shall always be with us in his unique creations.

8-bit version of Thriller(2)

The pioneer of Japanese chiptune, Saitone has put all his efforts to prepare an 8-bit version of Michael Jackson’s all time favorite album “Thriller”. This amazingly outstanding work of Saitone has taken the panic of Thriller to a new level of spotlight. With mixing of sharp waves and lot of visual effects, the 8-bit version of Thriller once again is surely to rock the present generation. This 8-bit version by Saitone went live recently on HearJapan followed by his DreamHack performance in Sweden.

8-bit version of Thriller(1)

This incredible new track of the Thriller is surely to create a revolution. In today’s world of digitization, the 8-bit version is no doubt a perfect tribute to the legendary pop king Michael Jackson.

Via: [Pink Tentacle]