Hand Knit Super Pacman Blanket Looks Warm and Cozy

Pacman blanket

It might be too late to place an order for hand knit custom made gift for this Christmas but if you are a gaming fan do take a look at this warm cozy hand knit Super Pacman blanket and order awesome custom made geeky one from talented crafty designer Punzie who can weave any game design on blankets, pillow covers and other home furnishings.

Hand knit blankets always win hands down compared to commercial ones precisely because someone laboriously spends hours to weave patterns and designs so unique that it makes both the creator and owner feel special and proud. Geeks and gamers do appreciate handmade craft because it’s the same human brain which creates geeky games also creates geek art.

No geeky machine or gadget can ever replicate human creativity, artistic ability and perfect execution which are visible in this hand woven Super Pacman blanket.  Art and craft seems to have got another lease of life thanks to internet and modern technology. Sewing Punzie can reach out to the world with her designs and anyone from any corner of the globe can contact her to place order. Also the entire virtual world with imaginative game characters has become inspiration for these awesome creations.

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