Top 23 Geekiest Gingerbread Art Creations for 2009

Christmas is just a few days away and most people would be busy getting all their Christmas Tree Decorations in order, or doing some last minute shopping; However, no one can forget the ubiquitous gingerbread art and its derivative, the all famous gingerbread man. History tells us that the gingerbread was brought to Europe by the Crusaders and ever since numerous folk tales and fairy tales have been spun around the context of the adventures of Gingerbread Man.

The Gingerbread man is a humanoid baked in the gingerbread mold. There is also the famous Gingerbread Boy story where he escapes from the kitchen only to be deceived and eaten by a fox. Americans have changed the story and the context and sometimes in stories the Gingerbread also finds a gingerbread girl and outwits the fox! Coming back to Gingerbread, you would also know that the tempting witch’s house was made of Gingerbread too and because of its alluring looks the kids get tempted to get inside the house.

With gingerbread having such a huge influence on people’s imagination and thought for so many centuries, we can’t ignore the influences of science, video games and geek culture on gingerbread itself! In fact if you searched a bit, you would know that the Gingerbread has taken birth in a geeky avatar. If you looked at the list below, you would know that even Gingerbread can be quite geeky and technologically updated.

Gingerbread Video Game Art

Video games have had a huge influence over our minds and lifestyle. Beginning in late 70s, the video game culture represents the modern obsession with gadgets and technology and a fantasy world that does not quite exist.

These Gingerbread creations have been influenced by Mario, the ubiquitous game from the early video gaming days and that which is popular even today. Super Mario and Bros, and the old consoles like DS etc are still fresh in our memories, and we continue to play this amazing game today. Thus, the Gingerbread creations inspired by Mario and other characters are truly drool-worthy.

Talking about retro games, we cannot forget either Pacman or Tetris, and they have had a huge influence over our gaming choices as well. These cool Pacman and Tetris inspired gingerbread creations make everybody’s mouths water.

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Gingerbread Console Art

After we start drooling over the old school game inspired gingerbread creations, one cannot help but lick their chops at the delicious looking consoles that have been baked using gingerbread.

The DS inspired gingerbread is something all DS and DSi fans would love.

The 64-bit consoles and games had a huge impact on gaming culture too.

And this cool NES  gingerbread piece looks amazingly tasty.

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Gingerbread Sackboy Art

Modern gaming has been majorly influenced by the cuteness of Sackboy. Thus, when he is recreated using gingerbread, he becomes all the much cuter. I am sure everyone would want to devour this Gingerbread Sackboy.

Image 1

Gingerbread Laptop Art

If not for video games, the other major influence of modern living is the laptop. Laptops have been marketed by many companies including Apple, IBM and others. The Gingerbread Laptop may not work or connect to the Internet, but it sure makes your stomach growl.

Who would like to eat the innards of a computer?

This Apple Mac gingerbread is something that all Apple fans must get hold of and gobble.

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Gingerbread Wall-E Art

Computer animated movies have long been admired and watched by audiences of all ages. However, Wall-E is an amazing movie that was released just last year, and tells the story of a robot called Wall-E who falls in love with another robot. Here is a cool Gingerbread Wall-E. Why not someone bake a cool Gingerbread Eve for him?

Image 1

Gingerbread Comic Art

Comics have not only influenced previous generations, but also the directors of modern movies, developers of video games, and others. Games like Batman and others have been inspired by original comics by DC Comics or Marvel Comics.

Batman is another popular character and these batman inspired gingerbread creations are totally mouth watering.

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Gingerbread Star Wars Art

Star Wars define the true geekhood and the quality of being a geek. If you are not into Star Wars, you must probably be living under a rock!

These cool Star Wars inspired gingerbread delicacies come in the form of various vehicles, robots, characters and themes present in Star Wars.

Do check out the Star Trek influenced gingerbread too, if you prefer Star Trek over Star Wars!

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More Gingerbread Gaming: Left 4 Dead Art and Megaman

Zombies have been quite popular among all cultures and audiences, thanks to their blood thirsty, brain hungry ways. Left 4 Dead is one such game that is a favorite among zombie lovers.

These Left 4 Dead inspired Gingerbread houses look scarily washed with blood and gore. I am sure hungry zombies would be lurking around this particular gingerbread house.

These cool Gingerbread Megaman pieces make all the fanboys and fangirls drool. I must say, Megaman never looked “tastier”!

Images 1, 2, 3

If you thought Gingerbread was all about fairytales and medieval lore, think again! These geeky gingerbread delicacies prove that gingerbread can evolve over a period of time just as people do!