Lego Version of McDonald’s Food Looks Equally Yummy!

Lego version Mac food

Hunger and good food can be inspirational and it looks like Shachiko had McDonald’s good food in mind when she was in her one of her creative moods. It was not food that she cooked but instead she brought Mac’s most popular food fare alive with the LEGO bricks. The entire LEGO version of Big Mac Super Value Set looks awesome and yummy.

Lego version Big Mac burger

LEGO bricks are one the most versatile building blocks and it looks like one can create almost anything with it, even the hamburger, French fries and glass of drink and too in colors matching the original fare. One can almost get fooled by the French fries and the glass with a straw. This creation also speaks a lot about modern McDonald days where so much thought is put into food processing and taste to whip up an addictive meal that it lingers on people’s mind forever.

Lego version french fries

Modern geek life is alienated and lonely but these new toys like LEGO bricks can keep geek kids creatively occupied when they are away from world of games and virtual world. Of course expect them to bring alive the virtual world even through creative play with modern toys. For instance take a look at some of the geek creations like Pacman “Blinky” Mosaic Created with Technic Axles, Lego Digital Camera, and the otehr tasty Lego Chesseburger.