The Cute Little Pacman Crew is Waiting For You

cute pacman crochet dolls

The geeky game of Pacman and their ghosts are reasonably famous for many decades, and even I’m also a true big fan of the game and used to play with great fun from the beginning. But I didn’t understand that Pacman can create such a craze among the people to develop so much variety of resembled beautiful products on it. I had seen the innovative 3D design concept of Pacman Chair and Pacman Canned Art but these woolen Pacman & its ghosts are extra ordinarily cute and beautifully made by Tofugirl.

Pacman Crew 1

Pacman Crew 2

pinky pacman woolen art

She has really some thing called uniqueness in her and that’s why she hand made these cute little woolen Pacman crew, for you can find blue to purple all the ghosts here along with the famed Yellow character. She even made one each kid Pacman with ghosts of every color along with one parent Pacman and ghosts to take care of their kids. Don’t worry, they won’t come to live and run behind you at your home as they are only show pieces. If you want to have those cuties then go on Tofugirl’s blog to have a look.

Pacman Crew

Pacman Crews