50 Foot Snowball Launcher is the Next Generation Toy

snowball launcher

The market has released the 50 foot snowball launcher which is essentially a toy blaster that is used in making and launching softball sized snowballs up to 50 feet. This toy blaster allows fast, long-range assaults during neighborhood snowball confrontations, with its usage involving simply placing the snow in the forming chamber and closing the lid, being able to pack three perfectly spherical snowballs.

For blasting one’s mark, one needs to follow some simple steps: First, place the snowball in the muzzle and then aim the launcher. Secondly, pull back the slingshot mechanism and there you go. The blaster provides uninterrupted fast action play as it is powered with elastomers instead of messy wires and batteries and other attachments. The snowball launching gadget is made up of durable, cold resistant plastic and includes targets for shooting practice. Moreover, it is suitable for kids 8 years and above, and costs just
dollars which means it doesn’t prick your pockets. So, next time your kids demand for a snowball launcher, you don’t have to think for a second as this toy blaster is easily available.

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