Razer Mamba Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse Sets Your Way

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In this age of several gaming grade mice out there, you are bound to look confused which one is the best. However, since individual needs and tastes vary, there is no best mouse there. But, Razer Mamba Wireless Laser Gaming house defines as one of the finest product one can ever use. Moreover, this item is worth more than its price tag. When compared with gaming grade mice, Razer Mamba tops in times of offering different games, styles and at times come over them in the same game when ordered, start a different mode.

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Because of its slick design and wicked looking shape, Razer Mamba separates itself from all other products in gaming industry. The product comes with Razer Synapse On board memory and seven independently programmable hyper response buttons. It’s approximate size is 128 mm by 70 mm by 42.5 mm and comes with a battery life of 14 hrs of continuous gaming. Next time you don’t have to look for some other gaming grade as Mamba rules the roost.

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