Tetris 2 Game: Play your way

While playing tetris, if you are wondering who controls what brick shapes to throw down from above, then you are testing your wall building skills. Tetris 2 On Behance Network is a project that is based on popular game called Tetris created by Raúl Godoy. In this project, you will keep the original pieces and the dynamics of original Tetris game. The addition lies in its new feature of offering the choice to select the incoming pieces to a second player. With this feature, the game provides a new dynamic of roles consisting in co-operation or confrontation, as per players’ choice across the advancement of game.

The project is made up of free source code by Cederberg, developed to JAVA Platform. In this code, the random algorithm selects the incoming pieces that are modified to offer the player, the option to choose the next piece; the code is exported to an Applet in order to run in a notebook. All the keys are related to characters on keyboard so the interface uses a hacked USB Keyboard connected to the notebook that projects the game to a surface using a video beam. Thus, if you are betting your money on this project, then you are probably utilizing your money as this project is worth more than money.

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