Jack Daniel’s Chess Set is On the Rocks

jack daniel's chess set

As we all know, chess is one of the most common time pass game among several board games and provides  alogical and thoughtful process. It is a game which requires real cool brains and once it was the game for leisure pleasure of oldies or the game of Kings. Though nowadays it became one of the greatest World sports and professionals are playing this game but this special Jack Daniel’s Chess Set is some thing which will suit the adult’s mainly because who knows, the bishop in the game can be your favorite rum or the queen might be your favorite wine or pawns to be your favorite whiskey.

This is the new Jack Daniel’s chess set which is good for encouraging a drunken chess tournament starting from the age group 21. Actually it is quite an idea.

What say?? After making 3 moves, you will have to drink 2 shots. At least we will come to know, how many shots we can take before fainting. This colorful innovative wooden made chess board measures 15 1/2 x 15 1/2 x 2 1/4″ comes with varieties of your favorite drinks in the form of queen, bishop, knight, rook and pawns. Don’t worry; it’s not compulsory to drink while playing but what’s the fun then? You can have your “Jack Daniel’s Chess Set On the Rocks” for $192. Enjoy the new phase of chess in your Christmas or bachelor party. Anyway we will not mind if you keep this chess set as a home décor too.

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