ASUS NX90Jq Laptop: The Sexiest Model Of The Year

With so many models and makes of laptops and notebooks releasing each single day, this year’s sexiest crown goes to Asus NX90Jq, which is no doubt in real sense the sexiest of all.

The NX90Jq is the joint venture of Asus and Bang & Olufsen – a technology design company. This latest release from the house of Asus is sported with polished aluminum and powered by a Core i7 processor. This most attractive and sexiest laptop is further equipped with GeForce 334M, supports up to a hard disk dual drive capacity of 1280GB, USB 3.0 interface and Blu-ray ODD.

The dual and gigantic touchpads placed one on each side is made of matte plastic. Although it looks a bit awkward, but is actually very comfortable and sensitive too. The keyboard seems to be very comfortable with properly placed keys. The ICE power speakers appear to be pretty decent and hopefully it works the same even at full volume.

With LED backlit screen of 1080p and pretty much impressive look, you can never hold back to see this 18.4 inch notebook in action. Priced at $2500, there is still no news of its availability yet. Some of the other previous releases in the field of laptops are the Rolltop and Nokia’s Booklet 3G.

Via: [AkihabaraNews]