Celestron CGE Pro 1400 Aplantic Telescope Design Brings Galactical Images to Your Home [CES 2010]

celestron cge Pro 1400 astrophotography

Going through the tremendous amount of Tech, Innovation and Gadgets booths in CES this year, we ran across the awesome Celestron CGE Pro 1400 Telescope that is a hefty piece of machinery, granting great options and features for Astrophotographers.

celestron astrophotography telescope

Besides the huge Telescope that brings together so many different solutions for great Astronomy images, their ultimate model CGE Pro 1400 runs at approximately $10,000 (basic model…no camera included). For the possibilities involved and the results provided, it is truly a fraction of many competitiors and really brings the Galaxy to you with both the Telescope (for the imagery) and camera adaptation including implementation (for photgraphs).

celestron cge Pro 1400 model

The CGE Pro 1400 was designed to provide distortion free images to you with a wide photo field of view. While most camera ready telescope allow for image capturing in great resolution, the edge with the CGE grants a focal plane that is approximately 3 times flatter than competitors, granting a truly crisper image and sharper image capturing of the stars you are infatuated with. In other words…stars edges are rounder AND sharper and are not distorted at the edges as we see in most photographs.

celestron cge Pro 1400

For heavy duty Astrophotographers, the light throughput, magnification possibilities and clearer results truly give an enhanced final image that for Astronomy lovers is a sight from another Galaxy.

celestron cge Pro 1400 telescope camera

For true technical specs and further details of the Celestron CGE Pro 1400 and additional models, check out the official Celestron Site.

For lower end Telescope for regular use, check out the Meade Telescope, or the fun Mobile Telescope Add On we featured earlier.

celestron cge Pro 1400 telescope