Minimount System Lets You Use Netbooks in Physically Demanding Situations [CES 2010]

Most of the times when we use our laptops on the go, it becomes quite difficult to balance or even protect them from unwanted jerky movements and physical damage.

If you use your laptop or netbook in physically demanding situations such as shop floors, boats, mobile offices, or areas where there are machines, you might want to try a mount system that not only protects the netbook, but also adjusts the netbook to a particular angle and height to avoid physical exertion.

The Minimount is a Hard Shell Case and Mount System that is specifically made for netbook computers. It could be used in any busy environment and turns physically demanding situations into a wireless work place. They are rugged, lightweight and made from anodized aluminum shell. You could carry it almost everywhere you go and is pretty affordable too, at $79.

Each supported netbook would come with a custom fit case, making it one of the most versatile cases to vouch for. Last but not the least, the Minimount also looks great and could dramatically increase your efficiency thanks to increased mobility. There are several models to choose from and the prices begin at $79. You could also check out the Laptop Car Mount, which we had written about many months ago.