Jelfin Ball Shaped Gel Mouse is Gelarific [CES 2010]

There are so many different computer mice with shapes, sizes and features, but the Jelfin mouse is simply cute, practical and aims to enhance your comfort while at your computer.

While strolling around at CES, we were fortunate enough to receive a quick explanation of the Jelfin, directly from the CEO, Nick Pajic.

Basically, the Jelfin mouse is a Ball shaped mouse with a Gel covering to bring you comfort both with its texture and its contour. As Nick explains, the shape of the mouse is created so your hand will have a more natural feel when grabbing the computer mouse, and thus less strain. Along with the Gel covering, which is removable and may be replaced, it gives a softer feel that makes using the mouse more enjoyable. Since the Gel covering may be removed, it is also an added value for companies that are a aware of teh flu season and want to provide employees a more hygienic solution…so emplyees can replace them when taking over shifts.

Currently, a USB connected mouse is available for $34.95 which is compatible with both Windows and Mac and comes in five different colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Orange and Yellow. Nick also mentioned that a wireless version is being developed right now and should be out later this year.

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