Sherwood INET 2.0: A Multifunctional iPod Dock

Sherwood, a giant name in the Home Electronics recently revealed a multi-functional iPod dock, the iNet 2.0. Due to the boon of advance micro and mini circuit systems, multi-functional devices like the Sherwood iNet 2.0 are on the increase, to help us keep up with the increasing needs.

Being an iPod dock, the iNet 2.0 is capable of playing music and that too with comparatively a bigger set of speakers. The most attractive part of the device is its large touchscreen display of 8-inch. But this is not everything, as this device is capable of performing multiple tasks. You can connect the iNet 2.0 to the Internet using its Ethernet Port on the back or WiFi to turn it into an Internet radio. Moreover, you can even select songs of your choice by the facility of Audio-On-Demand from Rhapsody and Napster.

Furthermore, the device is equipped with additional features to act as an Alarm Clock and also as a Digital Photo Frame. The 1GB on-board memory of Sherwood iNet 2.0 can be further increased by complimentary SD cards or USB thumb drives. The Sherwood iNet 2.0 in every way can be a very useful and necessary device in our daily life, but you still have to keep it in your watch list, as there’s still no news of its release date and pricing yet. Some of the equally geeky iPod docks that might interest you are the iPod Bathroom Dock and the Eye Pod Victrola iPod Dock.

Via : [TFTS]