Pleo is the Dinosaur Pet We All Can Bring Home! [CES 2010]

Robotic pets aren’t new, and we have heard about those crazy pet robots in Japan that begin to feel all lonely and depressed if you do not shower them with enough attention. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to get a robotic tea when you could actually get a living and breathing ball of fur, most people cannot afford to keep a living pet in their houses.

This could be due to the lack of space and time, and that is exactly when robotic pets come into picture. Pleo is a robotic dinosaur toy that has been touted as an “Innovo Labs LifeForm”. He is a cute and cuddly one week-old baby Camarasaurus dinosaur who can replace the non-existing pet and comfortably integrate into your family.

He can interact with you by moving organically, expresses emotion, and independently responds to the world and explores too! Thanks to his sophisticated sensory system, Pleo can hear, see, sense touch, and also detect objects.

This is possible thanks to the color camera, sound and infrared sensors, 8 touch sensors, 14 motors, over 100 gears and also an orientation sensor which helps him to balance.

You could find training tips and download enhancements for your pet from their website as well! While Pleo may not be a living and breathing pet, he certainly is cute as hell and would make your family complete! Pleo costs $349. You could check out the PetCare robot, if you have a real pet and want someone to take care of it.

If you are really fond of Dinosaurs, then make sure to build yourself the awesome Dinosaur Bed or get yourself the RC Dinosaur Gadget.

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