Xambox Helps You Manage Files Digitally and Physically [CES 2010]

xambox printer

It can get quite annoying to manage, sort and then access hard copies of documents in a world where everything has been digitalized. In order to solve this issue, Xamance have unveiled the Xambox, which is an integrated solution which manages hard copy documents.

You would no longer need to spend several hours trying to sort out sheets, documents and contracts. You would be able to save all your documents in the Xambox, while it is also available from the computer, if you choose to email, print or fax it to someone. Moreover, the original sheet can always be picked up from the box that would have graphic and written indication to tell you where the original document is located.

You could store up to 300 sheets in a box. Thanks to powerful an intuitive searches, you could conduct full text search on key words. Some of the other benefits are ability to add comments, outlook reminders, creation of virtual folders, quick email forwarding, secure backup of your documents database and optimized data processing.

Thus, the Xambox could just be the ultimate way to manage and file your papers both digitally and physically at the same time. You would no longer need to hunt for a contract that your client signed, only to realize you have misplaced it. Everything would be synchronized and thanks to Xambox, you could save your time and invest energy in other important things while at work.

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