Button Pinhole Video Spy Cam with Mini DVR to Flush Out a Scam

Now a day, spy gadgets are being sold no less then pens and pencils, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you got to a stationary shop to buy one, though all those are not worth being called spy device. Don’t be sad, this Button Pinhole Video Spy Cam is the king of all spy devices which I guess even Daniel Craig will use for his next 007 Movie. This Video Spy cam is incomparable to anything as it has all the qualities like, tiny size and its efficiency which a spy would die to have.

This one here is a hidden surveillance spy camera which has been camouflaged as a shirt button including a pocket sized DVR and all the cables which are necessary to view are included in one complete kit. Being a high tech camcorder, it allows you to record everything in to a small mini-SD digital video recorder which includes a 2″ LCD screen.

So that you can setup your shot and see the outcome before you try it out in a real situation. With a Frame rate of 30 FPS, you can take both color video as well as audio in AVI format.

If you want to change the button to make it match perfectly to the rest of the buttons, go ahead because the kit includes multiple matching buttons of various sizes and even if you want can paint it to match any shirt and there will be no problem for the recording.

You will also get a Mini-USB to USB cable for attaching and viewing your recordings in your PC or notebook etc. Remember that you don’t have to be a real spy to get this beauty at your home and it’s available for $149.99.

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