Time Machine Transports You To Another Era Watchmaking

Markets today are flooded with fun and geeky clocks that all add a different twist to the fabric of space and time; but the time machine clock brings back memories of the old days where complex innovative mechanical designs not only made accurate watches but also ones that were fun to observe.

This clock has an ingenious mechanism that  will transfer a highly polished chrome ball every sixty seconds keeping perfect track of the time. The clock comes with its own acrylic display case that thwarts any attempt by a toddler or a mischief maker to disrupt the delicate mechanism, thus allowing one to place it on your table top at the office or at home without any worries. The clock also comes with a power backup of four C batteries (not included in the purchase) accompanying the AC adaptor jack, offering uninterrupted entertainment in the event of a power cut.

The price of this kinetic clock is $39.45 which could not be more reasonable and with its unique design it will soon become the centerpiece of you desktop. The bacon watch too is a perfect gift for that foodie with punctuality problems.