Iron Man Arc Reactor Tattoo

Marvel Comics was nothing less than a boon to the mankind, for it has tossed out supremely marvelous characters leaving their fans drooling over fictional yet stupendous figures like Spider Man, Batman, X Men, Iron Man and many others. The Arc Reactor Tattoo of Iron Man Fame is something that will definitely be an eye-candy for those movie and comic buffs.

The geeky tattoo looks simple and neat, and it doesn’t seem to use anything which an ordinary tattoo expert wouldn’t have. The Arc reactor is done in the middle of the chest with the four artistic wires on the corners. There are two things worth appreciation here; firstly the detail which the lower wires are accompanied with heir shadows and secondly, it has been done by a 11 yr old kid with his left hand. Well, this design definitely not for the female fan group but I see a difficulty with even Men wearing this tattoo. They’ll have to turn metrosexual and get rid of their chest hair which would otherwise be a spoiler here.

Tattoo as a form of  body art is being experimented with all the time. Cool Transformers Tattoo, the USB Port Tattoo and the Mario Luigi Tattoo are some of the geeky ones we featured earlier which look supremely groovy too.

Via GreatWhiteShark