Pong Physical Interpretation of an Age Old Arcade Game

table top pong game

Gaming enthusiasts have always looked forward to playing Pong, an age old arcade game, which rightly put is a cross between ping pong and pinball. It uses the same system as pinball to ensure that the ball goes from one side of the board to another, just like in table tennis, which makes many feel that Pong is nothing but an adaptation of ping pong.

The latest Pong devised is a physical version of this game using solenoids as paddles and ensuring that you can play this game atop a table. There are two knobs, one for each player, to control the paddle so that the ball goes from one side to another. The idea is to not miss the ball, else the other person scores, just as in table tennis. The curved surface of the paddle ensures that the ball moves in different directions, while the power allows it to move at a constant velocity. This game is two dimensional in nature and is completely free of gravity, thereby making it a special game for game lovers.

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Via: Hack A Day