Mag Pix 1080p HD Mini Camcorder

Camcorders were a big hit when introduced for the first time and then as years apace and camcorders were getting more and more advanced and today it has become a trend about making things small, sleek and appealing with a technically hi fi . Keeping the same in mind Mag Pix goes with the trend and this improved, killer 1080p HD Mini Camcorder is the best device when it comes to high definition video.

Even some years back, it was a really big thing to shoot videos with camcorders of 640 x 480 resolutions but this one has set new standards for the upcoming camcorders. With a full 1080p widescreen and resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this one is here to grip your view. With an LCD display of high resolution 2.4″, it makes it very easy to see what you are shooting and the most astounding thing is that it shoots at 30 fps with H.264 encoding. With shooting awesome quality videos, this one can also shoot still photos with resolutions up to 3264 x 2448. It also has inbuilt LED flash lights which works and indicates while shooting still shots and continue on video shooting too.

For instant viewing, it’s included a mini HDMI port on the side, allowing you to play back what ever you recorded on your widescreen TV. There is also an SD card slot supporting up to 32GB card and with that one, you can record up to 160 minutes with the full 1080p resolution which you can read directly at your laptop through a reader and if you are some where out and don’t have a TV but a laptop or notebook with you, then an USB 2.0 connector is also provided for you. It’s small enough to carry in your palm or pocket and comes with a price tag of $169.99.

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