Phillu Portable Storage: the Ultimate Word in Data Storage Device

If you are looking for a great data storage device that is mobile, Phillu would be your ideal choice or creative and practical design.

The Phillu by Burak Kaynak and Emir Rifat Isik draws inspiration for its name from Phillumeny – the root word being Phillumenism, which is the term for collecting matchboxes, matchbooks and other items related to matches.

This device can store up to 45 GB of data and is designed in the shape of a matchbook, complete with nine matches. Each matchstick can actually store up to 5GB of data, which can then be transferred to another Phillu owner without the need or presence of a computer.

The most interesting part of this mobile storage device is that you have to light a match before you actually transfer data to another device.

Users of the Phillu have to actually remove a match, containing data from its slot and strike the match against the sides of the matchbook. Once struck, the matchstick becomes a burned stick, which is then used to transfer data by plugging this match into the other Phillu device.

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