Environment and User Friendly Traffic Lights Design

Most of us are used to doing things in the last minute and as a result everyone is always in a hurry, the best place to see this is in the traffic. Hurrying in traffic is a constant danger to us and potential danger to the environment, which is where Eko- the environment and user friendly traffic lights come in. This concept design by Relogik, is sort of a timer for traffic lights.

In traffic lights, the RED color makes us STOP and keeps us waiting with our foot on the gas paddle ready to rush off as soon as the GREEN color says GO! While that happens a slight miscalculation of a second can cause accidents, whereas rushing at any speed or keeping the engine running in traffic causes a lot of pollution. This concept design for traffic lights can be used on the existing lights and upgrades them to being environment and user friendly, by letting you relax, letting you know when exactly you have to move. It also puts pedestrians at ease so they do not have to rush through to cross roads.

If you are looking for more environment friendly light designs, then you should take a look at the Alterable Eco Cube Lamp and the Green Energy Lamp designs.

8 thoughts on “Environment and User Friendly Traffic Lights Design

  1. pconwell.

    I agree with Dave and DJ.

    The first thing I thought was:

    Guy #1: Oh, dang, a red light. I hate red lights. Wait, two bars left? I can just keep on going. It will be green by the time I get…

    Guy #2: Green light, sweet! Oh no… It’s turning yellow. Quick. Go. Go. Go. Oops, turned red before I got there. Oh well, I’m…


    It’s a neat Idea. I just don’t see how it helps anything. I’m not sure how it would keep motorist alert or pedestrians safe. Most crosswalks (around where I live) have timers and lights anyway. And as to keeping motorist alert… I have no idea. The article suggests that the timer will help people be more ‘efficient’ and hurry less. To me, it looks like the lights on a drag strip. It’s just gives drivers a countdown to when to ‘floor it’.

    The ONLY practical reason I could see for this is for those extremely long European stop lights where you are suppose to shut your car off. Problem with that is those lights already have timers on them, too.

  2. Wayne.

    This is an ingenious idea that uses current infrastructure to keep motorists alert, and pedestrians safe. What’s not to like about it?
    Now, if only we can convince people like Dave to stay off the road.

  3. DJ.

    I see how that can be a problem as there can be potentially high speed collisions between people charging yellows and people running reds just moments before it goes green. This shouldn’t really be a problem at busy intersections, but at quiet lights with bad visibility of the road, stupid things can happen.

    upon introduction of these lights, PSAs about these dangers should keep most sane people safe.

  4. Dave.

    Hmm, I am not too sure about this. It needs to be tested on drivers before widespread use. In my experience people start to drive forward in anticipation of the light changing. I think with a timer they would feel more confidant to start at an even earlier time. I really feel that people will think ‘o, I can start at 2 bars left and the light will be green by the time I’m at the middle of the intersection.’ Just some thoughts, maybe I’m wrong.

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