Environment and User Friendly Traffic Lights Design

Most of us are used to doing things in the last minute and as a result everyone is always in a hurry, the best place to see this is in the traffic. Hurrying in traffic is a constant danger to us and potential danger to the environment, which is where Eko- the environment and user friendly traffic lights come in. This concept design by Relogik, is sort of a timer for traffic lights.

In traffic lights, the RED color makes us STOP and keeps us waiting with our foot on the gas paddle ready to rush off as soon as the GREEN color says GO! While that happens a slight miscalculation of a second can cause accidents, whereas rushing at any speed or keeping the engine running in traffic causes a lot of pollution. This concept design for traffic lights can be used on the existing lights and upgrades them to being environment and user friendly, by letting you relax, letting you know when exactly you have to move. It also puts pedestrians at ease so they do not have to rush through to cross roads.

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