This Metallic Alien Here to Invade Earth

Metal Alien

At first look, don’t you think that this is a real alien who has come to invade our earth and has entered a museum to destroy it? Actually, if you read the “PLEASE DON’T TOUCH” sign, then you will come to know that this exquisite Metal Alien Monster has been set up as a show case in some antique museum or showroom of various mural made from Junk metal, whose name starts from “ASA…” and this excellent piece of art as true masterpiece has been made only from metals carved into shapes and other metallic scraps, wires etc, just like the Steampunk Spiderman statue.

Metal Alien

Just observe it, from its visible veins to its sharp teeth, thick spine to big finger nails, everything has been made up of metals and you will see that how minutely every thing has been carved out to looks very much real. If you compare it to the Alien from the movie, you will notice that every thing has been done to the perfection. Every bit of the alien in movie has been observed with great concentration and that patience has led to the birth of this masterpiece. I wish I could tell the name of the artist but sadly no information has been given about him or his masterpiece in the photograph. This Unique piece of art is really appreciative and hats off to the artist who has made this mind blowing, fabulous alien structure. Dude, you are the man!

Metal Alien

Via: Hombrelobo

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