Portable PS3 Mod Will Make Bill Gates Convert!

portable ps3 mod

There is just something about PS3 Mods that make them so amazingly cool, so when you see a Portable PS3 Mod surface, it is like the most creative, thoughtful and cool combination ever!

ps3 portable mod

This new portable PS3 mod is actually a great modification which combines a wireless PS3 controller, a handheld display, and the official Playstation 3 console. It allows you to wirelessly play the ongoing game and view so within the built in display in the handheld PS3.

It is more of a hack than an actual Portable PS3, but then again, you could really see the amazing advantages in this modification, can’t you? For hardcore gamers, this could mean playing the PS3 while in a different room (depending on distance), during bathroom duties or while at Dinner…Parents would just love that!?

ps3 portable handheld mod

Anyways, it is definitely a hack for the combination with the regular PS3 console, but then it is also a mod, since it actually built a PS3 Controller with a personal display.

handheld ps3 portable mod

Hat’s off to the modder for the thought and delivery of one of the best mods yet since the PS3 Laptop!

BrockartN Via: PS3Maven