Highlander Connor and Duncan’s Katana Sword Replicas Gives You An Immortal Feel

highlander sword replica

Whether it is the legendary samurai sword or the double light saber used by Darth Maul, swords are being every one’s favorite weapon from Bronze Age. Even if you see a knight, pirate or even a king all over the world, will find every one carrying one sword with them, which shows the craze for the sword’s and this Highlander Connor and Duncan’s Katana Sword Replica entered to increase that craze for me like populace.

A pure military weapon whose capability and efficiency to slice things has made it a symbol of warfare in many cultures and thus giving it a high prestige.  Katana is another term used for samurai sword which has been with the samurais over centuries and one of it became a legend when it came in to the hands of the immortal Highlander Connor Macleod and then his successor Duncan MacLeod.

This Katana Sword Replica has been made to the perfection of replicating the real ones. If you haven’t realized that this iconic weapon is no ordinary sword even though it’s a replica of the real one, let me tell you that this unique and exquisite weapon measures 40 1/4th inches long with of 28 inches long blade.

Its handle has been made by genuinely detailed faux ivory handles with a grip cast of one-piece hardened resin giving the exact look, feel and weight of the real ivory handle of Connor’s and Duncan’s sword.

Its blades have been made up for authentic hand forged by 1045 carbon steel blades giving you an example that how would an immortal would feel when carrying a sword like this one. To get anyone of this you have to spend $299.99.

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