Look for Nokia Morph Flexible Cellphones with Nanotechnology

In business a product could have a shorter life if it can’t win the hearts of people and showcase new technology, so take the case of Nokia, who is coming up with the Nokia Morph flexible mobile phone which the company claims include nanotechnology and would immensely benefit its end-users. The main benefit of Nanotechnology is that its components are flexible, transparent and extremely strong. The company believes this latest technology would be a distinctive phone by 2015, but a few technical glitches remained to be solved, like the use of new battery materials etc.

Nokia is known for incorporating new features in its cell phones like Nokia X6 Touchscreen Multimedia Cellphone and Nokia N96 Quad-Band Phone .

But this morph phone is different.  After watching its images on the web with transparent green color phone, anybody can be puzzled with its folded design that it looks more like a techie toy than a cell phone.  It seems the phone can be easily accommodated in one’s pocket and could easily be used as a traditional handset.  The main features of the phone are bent it in any direction and it would offer a new concept. For example when twisted in such a way like the shape of a can it will look for a nearby pub and offers you its location. When twisted like that of bowl, it would show you an address of a restaurant in the neighborhood. But how can I twist in such a way to look for a hair-saloon?  Any answers?

Via:  [Slashgear ]