iClooly iPhone 3GS Stand is Simple Yet Practical

iphone 3g aluminum stand

Everyday, new iPhone 3GS accessories are released for many different uses, so it is highly entertaining to see which new ideas and uses are going to hit the iPhone next. This recent iPhone accessory is a simple iPhone 3GS Stand that is made from Aluminum and is highly useful.

cool iphone 3g stand

The iClooly iPhone 3GS Aluminum Stand kind of speaks for itself; It combines a great iPhone stand with a lightweight and convenient product. Without adding the annoying bells and whistles of different options, features and additional items we have no real use for, here you receive a swivel stand that is used exactly for that.

cool iphone 3g stands

iphone 3gs aluminum stand

Without any needed training or directions, one can simply see how it is used from a glance and immediately see the usefulness. Your iPhone pops right in and held firmly. In addition, with an easy turn, you may change it from Landscape to Portrait, so whichever way you prefer is apparent.

iphone 3gs aluminum stands

The iClooly shape adds that it stands without any heavy base and foundation and will stand upright awaiting your desktop commands. You can easily have your iPhone at a convenient height, staring right back at you. Now of course, it can also be that car stand you have wanted that will hold the iPhone as you are using the GPS features.

iphone 3g stand icloolyiclooly iphone 3g aluminum stand

The actual cool thing about the iClooly is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, running for only $29.95. In the end, it is a cool iPhone Stand that delivers the thing it is seeked for.

iphone 3g aluminum stands