Conan O’Brien Needle Felted Wool Doll is Just as Hilarious!

conan obrien felt doll

If you are one for late night comedy (or gossip), then you are certain to be in the middle of the Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno fiasco, which is really tearing people apart. Well, in order to shed some comedy and craft on the situation, here is an awesome needle felted doll of the famed late night talk show Conan O’Brien, which is just as hilarious and could make fans of
the comedian go out to look for it.

conan obrien doll

It doesn’t matter who’s side you are on in the current rivalry of the two popular talk show comedians, but you cannot deny the cute factor and realism of this Conan O’Brien felt doll. Even the real Conan would love to introduce the doll in one of his skits, and I could really see the doll standing on his desk as Conan looks at it with his weird facial expressions, yet with love and affection.

conan obrien willie nelson dolls

conan obrien talk show doll

The Conan O’Brien doll created by Kay Petal is a true celebrity masterpiece. Besides the obvious similarity by Conan’s looks of the clothes, size proportion, skinny body and the huge Red Hair, the swagger is also captured correctly and makes this doll come alive. Even better is seeing Conan O’Brien on the TV set in the background, providing even more approval on the legitimacy of the felted doll. As Kay explains, little Conan is a huge fan of the real Conan O’Brien and imitates the successful Talk Show host every time the show appears (appeared). She also explains that Lil’ Conan would love to host the Tonight Show one day as well, but then again…based on the real Conan’s experience…that may be just a false dream.

conan obriend the beatles dolls

funny conan obrien doll

At least we see Lil’ Conan O’Brien in his happiest of time, standing up straight, smiling, and along with some famous celebrities such as Willie Nelson and the Beatles.

funny conan obrien felt doll

conan obrien and guests dolls

Awesome felt job Kay with Little Conan O’Brien…it is a true comedic masterpiece which the real Conan O’Brien would be so proud of.

conan obrien willie nelson felt dolls

funny conan obrien talk show doll

For other cool Felt doll remakes, check out the Wolverine USB Drive or the Spock Flash Drive which are felted and just as cute.

4 thoughts on “Conan O’Brien Needle Felted Wool Doll is Just as Hilarious!

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  2. Kay Petal.

    Wow!! What a great article. I am flattered and quite pleased that you featured my Li’l Conan! I have known since the moment Li’l Conan came to life in my studio that Big Conan needs him. I just don’t know how in the world to get Big Conan to notice him, though. I had planned to take Li’l Conan and a bunch of his Li’l buddies to a live taping of the Tonight Show but that is out now. So I’ll have to think of another way! But I just started working on a Li’l Leno for Li’l Conan to kick around – maybe that will help.

    Oh and Conan also needs to see the stop-motion animation of Li’l Conan ice fishing in Alaska – one NEVER wants to catch a Polar Bear but Conan prevails!

  3. Justa Notherguy.

    For those of you who are too young to recall – or who weren’t particularly interested, at the time – it might help to get some background on the whole Leno v. Letterman story. Read all about how Jay Leno acquired The Tonight Show hosting gig, way back in 1993.
    . (article from NY Times; 1994)


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