IP Surveillance Camera With Angle Control and Motion Detection To Give You Sound Sleep

If you are a rich man, jeweler, shop owner etc, has spent sleepless nights in worrying about your valuables and ended up taking sleeping pills to get some sleep, then throw away those pills and grab this baby IP Surveillance Camera as its here to save your tension as well as your valuables.

This “CVLM-133 IP Surveillance Camera with Angle Control and Motion Detection” which will not only record everything whole night, but alert you via email when a motion is detected.

The perfect gadget related to security in today’s market as this one is on whole night and its qualities like exquisite night vision, quad screen viewing makes it an awesome device. You can even tilt and maneuvering functions just by clicking through the mouse.

Another great quality about this device is that, you can keep a look on your valuables whether you are out of town or even sitting at Antarctica or Bermuda triangle. Just give each device a static IP address, login and visit the IP address and start monitoring your shop or home whatever you want to keep a look on.

This one is also WiFi enabled so that as soon as there is any unwanted movement, this smart chap will alert you by sending an email but only when you will activate the motion detection record function.

Its WEP encrypted security options will even defeat the world’s best hacker, because it just can’t be hacked. You can connect up to 4 IP cameras together and have a full control over your place. After paying $91.62 for each one you can have a sound sleep.

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