iPhone Apps Helps to Save a Life!

Apple iPhone 3GS

We have come to realise how handy our iPhone is, but U.S. filmmaker Dan Woolley soon learned in Port-Au-Prince, when the infamous Haiti earthquake struck, that it can also save your life. When Dan realised he was in the hotel during an earthquake, he had unfortunately lost his glasses and also sustained a leg injury plus a trauma to the head. Quick thinking Dan Woolley remember his Digital SLR was around his neck and used his camera to take pictures so he could identify the right direction to go in the dark and find a safe place from the earthquake and any aftermath.

Pocket First Aid and CPR iPhone application

Even though he was flung in to this seemingly hopeless situation, all was not lost! Armed with his handy iPhone, Dan grabbed his life saving device and loaded up the Pocket First Aid and CPR application. The application then instructed Dan the best course of action, showing him how to create a safe and suitable tourniquet for his leg and a bandage for his head. Further, the iPhone application wisely instructed Dan from falling asleep, as an impact to the head can be extremely serious, so Dan improvised and used his iPhone’s alarm clock to ring every 20 minutes to ensure he remained awake, as nobody was there to keep an eye on him.

Enduring this trialling situation, Dan Woolley managed to survive and was rescued 65 hours later, then reunited with his family!

This fascinating story really illustrate then benefits of the technical era we are living in. With smart phone’s ability to extend their functionality, we can tailor our phones and get them to do practically anything and with the operators data tariffs, it is not at all surprising to find people readily grabbing the information they need, including information that can potentially save a life, as we have just seen. So next time you’re browsing the App Store and bump across a First Aid application, no longer will you think it as a novelty application, but a life saving tool.

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