Awesome R2D2 Cake for Geeks to Eat

I know you must be wondering that this is a new bot in the series but not the ordinary one and something which no one will be able to guess until one licks or have a piece of it. Because this is the sweetest robot you can have, an excellent cake depicting the galaxy’s most adorable Star Wars bot R2D2 made by the cake queen Debbie.

The one thing which I haven’t been able to understand is that how Debbie makes such cakes. All the cakes made by her are masterpieces on their own because she makes them with such perfection that you won’t be able to differentiate between the real thing and the cake. This one is “new R2D2” of 18” height, the latest masterpiece added on her list of creative cakes, actually for a film screening. You can see how beautifully she has carved every part of it to the perfection while distinguishing every part with different color and flavors.

Here is another edition of R2D2 with 17” height, which had been made before the first one. This one is excellently carved out as well while giving the base a different flavor as you can see that it has been mostly emphasized on white color and I guess vanilla flavor. The only disadvantage of Debbie’s cakes are that the cake’s aroma tickles your nostrils to the core but you force yourself not to  eat them because they are so perfectly made and are so attractive that I would have had made a cake museum presenting Debbie’s cakes. If you don’t believe me then just go on her site and see for your self her caliber.

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