Awesome and Realistic Flames Created out of Lego

Have you ever heard of such a concept as realistic flames out of Lego frames? If not, here’s something that will take you by surprise. Yes, it does exist and will surely be an exciting possession for anyone interested in cool geeky stuff.

This unique concept is created by Cole Blaq, where the Lego frame is designed as a flame that gets its lighting from beneath. This gives it a realistic glow.

The flames even spell out his name although they might be slightly difficult to catch if you are not extra careful.

These realistic Lego flames were originally created for Lego Graffiti Styles Convention in Munich, by Cole Blaq. They are indeed very interesting and are great conversation starters. This is certainly a must possession for a die hard Lego geek.

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Cole Blaq Via: Brothers Brick Via: Geekologie