Mad Hatter And Cheshire Cat Kubrick Will Take You To Alice In The Wonderland

It has been 145 years since the first time Alice in wonderland was written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Starting from its first publications in 1865 and actually written for Alice Liddell who was the second daughter of the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, Henry George Liddell, I bet that even Lewis would have had no idea that his fantasy book would be such a big hit and popular that even after almost 1 ½ century, a movie will be made on his book. And these are two most prominent characters of that book comes as cool toy “The Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat Kubrick”  are really interesting.

Starting with the mad hatter, Tim Burton has made Johnny Depp play this role. His name says everything that he is always acting mad and trying to make every one laugh with his behavior but as a big ally of Alice. His orange hair and dress has always been very attractive and that’s why, he has been presented to us in the form of a Kubrick.

Along with him, how can we forget the Cheshire Cat who has really won my appreciation with his intelligent yet mischievous character who although helps Alice but even gets her into trouble. This time Stephen Fry is here to tickle humor glands and make us laugh as Cheshire Cat and depicting his character, Like mad hatter, Cheshire Cat’s Kubrick is being sold. These 2 inch figures are sure to attract your friends and every one’s attention with their awesome attractiveness. Being made of high quality plastic and arriving in window box packaging, you can own it for $18.99.

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