Kinetic Sculptures Dance to Song in Visions of the Amen

Mitchell F Chan’s Visions of the Amen installation is a revolutionary concept in which the kinetic sculptures can be seen dancing to the romantic tunes of Ashleigh Semkiw’s song. A dancer’s performance on songs and instrumental music is a usual sight, but the performance of Kinetic Sculptures is something exceptional. The Visions of the Amen is an installation of strings that are actually kept hung, and there is a motor on one end and brass bars on the other. The moment it experiences a change in velocity and volume, for example, when there is a sound like a scream or a song, these kinetic sculptures start making movements. The sharper the sound becomes, more the Kinetic Sculptures will dance in joy.

The Kinetic Sculptures have 16 strings and the very sights of these strings jumping up and down along with the brass rods can make anyone marvel and wonder. As the movement of the strings is driven by the volume created hence, you can find it making it different dancing movements as long as the song continues. So, the interesting fact about these kinetic sculptures is that you can find these making different movements based on the differences of the type of the songs. The way Ashleigh Semkiw brought life to the strings by singing the romantic lines of the love song of Olivier Messaien is a must watch. The louder her voice gets, the faster these strings rotate and the brass bars that at first looks just like a cage starts jumping up and down. That makes each moment of this performance unforgettable as where else can you see the cage bars moving up and down?

Having a glimpse of this performance may create this question in your mind as to whose idea is it. Well, it is none other than Mitchell F. Chan who has created the software all by himself, crafted it and programmed it. Chan is just a 27 year-old person who has won enough appreciation for his works till now including the Trustee Scholarship in Art & Technology Studies. He is now residing in Chicago. It must be mentioned in this context, that it is because of all his hard work and dedicated efforts that we today enjoy and marvel at the dance of the kinetic sculptures.

Can we say that the dancers are in serious danger now as you never know, at any time they may get replaced by dancing kinetic robots or perhaps even by the singing Elvis Robot.

Via: Makezine