Would Chrome OS Tablet UI Compete with Apple’s iPad?

The Apple iPad was finally announced and will be out with a bang soon, but the latest concept video release of the Chrome OS Tablet UI is marveling each and everybody with some of the fresh, tantalizing and unmatchable features. Even though the Chrome OS tablet UI is not yet out, nor is it finalized as to when will this miracle Google Chrome gadget be launched in the market, it is sure that it truly has made its place as a firm competitor of the Apple’s iPad. While speaking about the Apple’s iPad, the only thing that strikes immediately is that it has got the touchscreen magic. The Chrome OS tablet UI too will be endowed with touchsceeen features for sure, but the expectations from this device are undoubtedly getting more and more after its video has been posted online.

It is true that expecting so much from the Chrome OS tablet UI just by following its concept video will definitely not be a sensible thing, but from one point of view, the concept video is meaningful too. If not the exact device projected in the concept video, then at least this much can be expected that there is something really brilliant that is revolving in the minds of the people building Chrome OS. If they could think of such a stunning concept, then the result will surely be shocking.

Once you the check out the visual explanation of the Chrome OS tablet UI, you can find out all its amazing and attractive features one by one. This video has described the turn-ons of the Chrome OS very well that comprises of how a digital magazine will look in the device, how the onscreen keyboard will look like and how will the tabs presented along the side of the screen appear etc. Also, the nameable differentiating factor between the Chrome OS and the Apple iPad Specs is the presence of Flash which Chrome OS has and the iPad lacks.

Whatever it is, the fact is that Chrome OS tablet UI is not yet out physically and its groundwork have only been laid. So, even though it may stand as a good competition to the Apple’s iPad in the near future, for the time being it is Apple that is and will be ruling the market. Yes, the touchscreen feature is the only new and striking thing about it, but at the same time you must see how easier it has made computing for us. It has now been easier for one to carry it anywhere and in fact, something lighter than the laptops is out now in the form of this device. So, it is undeniable that Apple’s iPad has brought a revolution to the computer world. However, at the same time we must be ready to welcome something better and hi-tech than this at anytime.